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Gravestone renovation

Gravestone Renovation

Here at AK Lander, we understand that taking care of memorial gravestones is important to ensure a memorial best commemorates the life and values of the deceased.

It’s for this reason that we provide a meticulous headstone restoration service, a service which can be carried out on all forms of memorial headstones to the high standard AK Lander is renowned for.

From the cleaning of marble memorials, granite headstones and gravestones with kerbs to adding extra inscriptions on your kerbed headstone, these are all services which can be offered through our memorial renovation services. 

Restoring a headstone

In terms of pricing, you can find a list depending on the type of material you are looking to renovate. As a general idea, here are some guide prices for common restoration:

Before and After headstone restoration

Remove and Refix Memorials

We are also able to offer the removal of a gravestone from a site, with the total cost of complete removal and replacement of a gravestone often no more than £50.

To learn more about any of our renovation services, contact the AK Lander team today.
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