50 Year Guarantee

50 year guarantee

We guarantee that all memorials supplied will be of good workmanship and sound materials.

AK Lander Ltd guarantees subject to the conditions stated below, that should any memorial supplied by the said firm prove to be faulty in workmanship or material within 50 years of the memorial being fixed, the memorial will be made good or, if this is not possible, replaced without any expense to the purchaser.

Conditions are as follows:

  1. As natural materials vary from time to time in colour and texture this Guarantee relates only to the type and soundness of the material and not to its colour or texture.
  2. This Guarantee shall not apply to any painting or gilding on the memorial or to engravings infilled with lead. It should be noted that lead lettering is normally a more long-lasting form of inscription although this will depend on the position of the grave and the level of maintenance applied.
  3. This Guarantee shall not apply to any damage caused by a third party, and shall become invalid if the memorial is removed or disturbed or otherwise worked upon by anyone other than the Seller.
  4. This Guarantee applies only where an order clearly stating the type of material, the finish of the memorial and the full text of the inscription has been signed by the Purchaser and received by the Seller.