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It has become necessary to update you all in relation to the difficulties and challenges this company faces in meeting its commitment to install memorials that have been ordered to arrive before Christmas.

You are all aware of the current shutdown as a result of the increasing threat by Covid 19.

This pandemic is not going to go away any time soon.

With this in mind, I need to let you know that we now have a further challenge that firstly affects our suppliers and ultimately meeting our commitment to you.  The worldwide shipping industry is currently in a state of chaos.  There is congestion in all ports and the UK ports are currently overrun. We have been informed that containers are arriving and it appears some are not being offloaded and are being diverted to other European ports where they have to be transferred to another vessel and then have deliveries arranged into the UK.

This is having a knock on effect of some 10 days delay at present which is predicted to get worse as staff numbers are reduced.  Many port staff are operating from home resulting in their administration and communication ‘s to say the least as very poor with the information flow totally inadequate and unhelpful to our ability to keep you informed

This has been made worse in that the haulage companies do not have sufficient capacity to deal with the backlog.

We are also informed that the two quarries that supply our black granite are closed.  This is having a detrimental knock effect throughout the UK.  No time frame has been given as to when these quarries will reopen

Unfortunately, this will mean that some orders that we hoped would be here in time,  now may not meet the Christmas deadline and whilst this is totally out of our control, I would like to extend my sincere apologies for any inconvenience and upset that may result.  I have to inform you that any dates quoted at present are ‘best hope’.  We hope to receive more information in relation to your orders, but, at present with no specifics given we are very limited in what we can tell you.

Les Smith and his staff at AK lander are now working solidly at processing as many Christmas orders as possible as well as making plans to keep you updated as and when we are updated by our suppliers. 

Here at AK Lander, our exquisite range of headstones, gravestones, and memorials are designed and crafted by expert masons. Your chosen gravestone or headstone can be personalised so that the colour, inscriptions, letters, shape, and material of the gravestone suit your requirements. If you have any specific memorial requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. All prices that are stated are based upon the material/size that has been selected. Most of our Memorials include 100 letters, fixing and fitting at the cemetery. Please note: Vases include 30 letters. Cremation and Children Memorials include 50 letters. Additional letters and added extras are available as per pricing detail featured on our inscription examples page.

About AK Lander

AK Lander is a quality gravestone memorial manufacturer and supplier, offering exceptional service. Established in 1866, our memorial headstones and gravestones are produced by skilled craftsmen and artists who are experts in creating unique memorials that reflect the people they commemorate. We are also specialists in gravestone maintenance and headstone renovation with proven experience of restoring memorials back to their original condition.

Our range of materials and designs has greatly increased over the years and we can now supply a fantastic variety of quality stone for cemetery gravestones, crematoria memorials and churchyard lawn memorials through our extensive network of suppliers. This wide range of materials means that we can create headstones that are truly personal, and we also make sure that our memorials meet all local regulations.

In addition, AK Lander offers a unique 50-year material guarantee as well as a complimentary levelling service and cleaning of gravestones and memorials in the second year. All of this ensures that AK Lander customers have complete peace of mind for years to come, and this unrivalled level of care has been recognised by the National Association of Monumental Masons (NAMM), of which we are proud to be members.

Complete peace of mind is what makes AK Lander special; our customers trust us to provide a huge range of tasteful gravestones and headstone memorials, with the added assurance of exceptional customer service and support. We provide the most competitive prices with 100% customer satisfaction. Read more about AK Lander here.