Traditional Kerbed Memorials

Many cemeteries are beginning to allow the placement of traditional kerbed memorials again, and as such, memorial kerb stones are becoming ever more popular. Kerbed memorials differ from headstones in that a kerbed memorial covers the entire grave. Cemeteries must permit the setting of traditional kerbed memorials on an individual basis.

While granite lawn memorials and marble lawn memorials are still extremely popular, traditional kerbed memorials are also a very popular choice as they allow memorials to stand out against the array of more common headstones in a cemetery.

If you do not see the headstone you are looking for, please call us on our Freephone number, as our experienced masons can manufacture many different designs in a range of materials.


Choosing a kerbed memorial allows an existing or new grave to be marked out with a kerbed gravestone and many of our traditional headstone options fit in perfectly with our kerbed memorial options.

Interior options for Kerbed Memorials

The interior of kerbed memorials can be filled in with a variety of different materials, such as colourful chippings or soil to grow flowers. Traditional kerbed memorials can also come with a solid piece of granite on the top of the memorial and small posts can also be added to the memorial as well.

If you choose to have flowers within your kerbed memorial and would like advice about which blooms to plant, please read our guide: the complete guide to funeral flowers and their meaning.

Popular Memorial Kerb Stone Designs

One of our most popular kerbed memorials is the fully worked book headstone with sand-blasted ivy leaf design. This memorial kerb stone can include accessories such as a plaque or etching designs in silver, black, white, or gold font; additional flower holders and can come in a wide variety of materials.

This traditional kerbed memorial has a church window design on each side of the headstone and the memorial also comes with side kerbs, front posts and can have holes inserted in it for flower containers.

Another popular religious kerbed memorial is the bible book headstone, which features a carved cord and a tassel in the design. The bible sits on a kerb that is surrounded with corner posts and a memorial vase in the centre, which is surrounded by flowers.

Our collection of traditional kerbed memorials varies so that you have a wide choice of options when you come to decide on one. Browse the range of different types of kerbed memorials below.