Memorial Vases for Graves

At AK Lander, we have several different accessories that you can add to your loved one’s gravestone or headstone. One the best and most popular memorial stone accessories to add are memorial vases. Many choosing to remember their loved ones opt for memorials that offer flower containers, such as our traditional kerbed headstones. However, if you would prefer to add a personalised message to your memorial, or have a container that can hold a larger number of flowers, then memorial vases for graves are the perfect choice.


Today, gravestones are often accompanied with crafted memorial vases as they can hold beautiful flowers, shrubs, and other plants. Memorial vases can also have beautiful carvings inscribed onto them. AK Lander can also add etching designs to memorial vases as well.

Memorial vases for graves can include small messages and these affordable accessories are extremely durable – our range of gravestone vases are made to last the most extreme weather conditions, as are our headstones.

Personalised memorial vases can also be placed at the foot of headstones, within cremation memorials or in the centre of our kerbed memorial stones.

If you would like to make your loved one’s memorial headstone even more beautiful, then please browse our range of memorial vases for graves. Our selection includes a marble vase with a hand-carved daffodil; a marble vase with a checked top and centre, a marble bowl vase, and a marble vase with a hand-carved rose, which also has a raised panel for a personalised inscription.