Step By Step Guide

1. At point of contact with one of our memorial advisors, you will be asked for the following details:

  • Customer contact details – Name, address, email, telephone number
  • Name of cemetery
  • Grave owner – This is the person who holds the deeds for the plot. In some cases this can be more than 1 person.
  • Grave number – This can be found on the deeds.
  • Name of deceased

* In the case of a Churchyard there is no Grave Owner. The next of kin or nearest relation is able to sign the application.

We require the above information as we will have to apply for permission to erect a memorial at the Cemetery. The Grave Owner will sign the relevant documents which will be supplied by A K Lander. Our Advisor will look into the charge for the application which varies from Council to Council.


2. Our advisor will then ask you for details of the memorial:

  • AK code from website or brochure
  • Size of memorial
  • Inscription
  • Colour of inscription
  • If there is space for further inscription on the memorial
  • Flower containers – how many and placement on memorial
  • If a photo plaque is required
  • If any designs are required
  • If it’s a traditional memorial, the type of interior i.e. cover slab, soil or chippings and colour

If the memorial you require is not shown in our brochure or website, please enquire further for bespoke memorials and supply us with your initial details and memorial details.

We can also alter our memorials to meet your special requests.


3. After receiving information from you:

  • We will contact the cemetery to confirm grave ownership, cemetery fees and ensure your memorial complies with their rules & regulations.
  • We will then contact you with the total cost. All of our fees include fixing and VAT.
  • There may also be an area surcharge fee depending on where the memorial is to be erected.
  •  A deposit of 50% plus permit fee is required.  
  • Payment may be paid by card/bank transfer or cheque.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit we will prepare all the relevant paperwork.
    1. Order confirmation
    2. Proof Layout of inscription
    3. Permit application for Grave Owners signature
  • The paperwork process is approximately 7-10 days from receipt of deposit.
  •  All paperwork will then be sent to you by post.
  • You will be required to check the paperwork thoroughly and sign where required.

4. Once we receive the documents back from you checked and signed:

  • Our advisor will then submit the permit application to the relevant Council along with payment from A K Lander.


5. Once permission has been obtained from the Council:

  • The memorial will be ordered with our supplier/made in our factory

6. When we receive the memorial: (Approximately 12 weeks after ordering)

  • You will be contacted to settle the final balance.
  • We will then arrange for the memorial to be placed at the Cemetery (approximately 2-4 weeks after receipt of payment)

7. When the memorial has been fixed at the Cemetery:

  • We will telephone you to let you know the memorial is in place.  You do not need to attend the grave whilst we are fixing the memorial.

*The whole process from start to finish is up to 16 weeks.

*We supply a 50 year guarantee of good workmanship and materials:

*We offer a FREE re-levelling service for the first 2 years after fixing.

*If you wish to enquire by email, please supply us with your initial details and memorial details.