Churchyard Gravestones

The graveyards within churchyards are owned and maintained by the Church of England. This means that, unlike a cemetery which will permit many gravestone designs, there are certain rules and regulations which must be honoured in the choice and design of a churchyard gravestone.

The rules differ between regional churches and are regarding differing material, shapes, colours, and styles of gravestones. However, many of our memorials are suitable for almost all churchyards. If you are unsure, please call us and we will help to work with your local church to see what is permitted.


Our hand-carved churchyard gravestones have been specifically designed for churchyards and will blend seamlessly with existing standard or kerbed memorials. Our churchyard gravestone designs are modest and elegant. Churchyards do not usually permit heart or otherwise shaped headstones and many will not allow high polished granite headstones.

Crafted through a combination of hand carving and blast carving, our churchyard gravestones show off the natural beauty of the stone and are designed to fit in with the other stones that are already installed in the majority of churchyards. Many of our churchyard memorial stones have decorative details that have religious significance, and we also have a number of simple and delicate designs too.

Hand-carved Personalisation

Whichever of our hand-carved churchyard headstones you choose, the wealth of personalisation options we have available means that creating the perfect headstone for your family member or friend is easily achievable, including a wide catalogue of gravestone etching designs. With all our hand-etched memorials created to the finest degree of excellence, our churchyard grave memorials give our customers the complete peace of mind that their loved one’s headstone is built to last.

It is important to remember the churchyard’s rules and regulations that need to be honoured when personalising a memorial, therefore we ask that you get in touch with your local church for more details prior to ordering a churchyard headstone though AK Lander.

Please browse our range of churchyard headstones below.