Memorial Renovation

Gravestone and Headstone Maintenance

Here at AK Lander, we understand that a memorial headstone should stand the test of time, giving the deceased an area that best celebrates their life and loved ones with a place to grieve and remember a friend or family member.

This is why we offer professional gravestone maintenance services, ensuring that the memorial serves as the perfect commemoration of life. The maintenance service we offer for headstones made from marble and other materials gives peace of mind – a very welcome feeling at such a difficult time.

While the likelihood of damage to our professionally-crafted headstones is significantly low, we recommend signing up to an insurance scheme, which you can talk through with us.

In most cases we are able to identify the extent of the work from photographs, although we can arrange for one of our experts to come out and inspect the site should it be required.

If you are interested in our grave maintenance services, be sure to contact us today to receive a no-obligation quote for the work.

Maintenance Services we offer.

Because we pride ourselves in offering only the finest service for our customers, our expert team will clean, restore and repair headstones with the greatest level of care.

While marble and other types of natural stone are noted for their durability, they do get damaged over time due to weathering. By cleaning memorials multiple times throughout the year, this effect is minimised and ensures that the need for intensive renovation is less likely.

Through our headstone maintenance service, we can repair and replace inscriptions by re-gilding the lettering or etching design on the stone.

In addition to this, we also offer memorial renovation for stones that are damaged, using modern anchoring techniques to restore the stone to the condition in which it was purchased. In the unusual occasion that we are unable to repair the stone, we will be more than happy to offer direction on alternative stones available.