Mourners opting for unusual post-cremation choices

Posted by AK Lander | On February 28, 2013 10:45

Whilst coming to terms with the passing of a loved one is never an easy process, an increasing number of stories from around the world are showing the unusual steps some people are taking to help themselves deal with their grief following the funeral service and cremation of their friend or family member. In addition to traditional headstones for graves, there are now many other options people looking for a highly individual send-off can choose as well, which have been polarising opinion across the world.

One company in Russia, for example, is giving mourners the chance to design their own diamond ring which can be partly comprised of the ashes of those they have recently laid to rest. This works by combining the ashes (or whatever other material people would like included in the ring, such as hair) with carbon, and then putting the mixture into a machine which creates high levels of pressure and temperature. This means that people are then able to carry a part of their loved one with them wherever they go.

Another example of a modern post-cremation choice has been seen to be particularly attractive to people who are concerned about the possible environmental effects of scattering ashes. One American organisation has constructed its own exclusive coral reef, spanning 16 acres of water, which has been officially certified for its eco-friendly credentials by the Green Burial Council. Placing ashes in this purpose-made reef has proven popular with the families of people who were environmentally conscious in their lifetime, especially as a name plaque is put on the spot where the ashes have been left, meaning that they will have no difficulty paying their respects when visiting.

These are just two of many diverse cremation options which are now being explored by people around the world after those they are close to pass away, although most still opt for the more traditional customs. One factor which may restrict people from choosing such a farewell is financial circumstances; whilst the cost of gravestones vary, they generally tend to be cheaper than their more extravagant counterparts.

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Image credit: Andy Eick (flickr.com)