Petition over child’s gravestone signed by over 1,000 people

Posted by AK Lander | On April 22, 2014 14:25

Over 1,000 people have signed a petition in support of a family who face being prohibited from being allowed to show a picture of their baby on his gravestone, after the council objected to the plans.

Amy Hopson and Warren Hobbs, from Willenhall near Walsall, want to include a photograph of their baby Archie by his memorial headstone in Willenhall Lawn Cemetery. However, Walsall Council objected to the plans after it felt that the image used would upset other mourners at the site.

Miss Hopson and Mr Hobbs say that the image of Archie – who was stillborn at the New Cross Hospital last December – looks like he is sleeping and insist the majority of people who have seen the image do not find it distressing. As it is also the only image they have of Charlie, their desire to share it with family and friends is entirely understandable.

Petition hoped to change Council’s stance

The decision by Walsall Council has been met with widespread criticism, with 1,077 so far signing a petition in favour of the plans of Miss Hopson and Mr Hobbs. Miss Hopson said back in February that the decision made by the council has brought extra distress in an already difficult situation.

With SANDS –the Stillbirth and neo-natal death charity – among those who have offered their support, it is hoped that the petition will result in the council changing its stance when they make their overall decision.

Walsall Council are happy to make a compromise however, saying that it would consider a small hinged door in front of the image, effectively meaning that the photograph could be accessed by family members when visiting, but would remain covered up for the majority of time. If this is a practical idea, it could well spell an end to this extremely difficult situation.

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